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Dayton Dominatrix Mistress Katelyn

Dayton Dominatrix Mistress Katelyn

Dayton Dominatrix Mistress KatelynDayton Dominatrix Mistress KatelynDayton Dominatrix Mistress Katelyn

Dayton Ohio BDSM Dominatrix Mistress Katelyn

Columbus Ohio BDSM / Dominatrix BDSM / Dungeon Known For Kinky Debauchery.....

 Columbus Ohio's BDSM Dominatrix / BDSM dungeon, Featuring Dominatrix Mistress Katelyn...

BDSM, fetish play & more...

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About Mistress Katelyn & The Columbus BDSM Club

Unhappy with your local options? These are the distances to The Columbus BDSM Club from nearby cities.... 

Cleveland - 2 Hours Away

Cincinnati - 90 Minutes Away

Dayton - 1 Hour Away

Pittsburgh - 3 Hours Away

Akron - 2 Hours Away

Indianapolis - 2 1/2 Hours Away

Huntington - 2 1/2 Hours Away

Louisville - 3 Hours Away

After over 20 years in this lifestyle, I would say that although I am a very sensual Domme, I have a very sadistic side. I love being a part of another's journey in this  hedonistic realm. It can involve pain, simply just the threat of pain or  the withholding of pleasure which can seem almost painful in the   moment. My tactics are centered on using your sexual depravity and my sexual prowess against you. Above all else I am an articulate experienced Alpha female, that takes mind fucking to an entirely new level. My years of experience offer you world class debauchery with all the safety protocols a true Domme knows should be in place. "Sub-space" aftercare is a top priority along with sanitation procedures. Here, you are playing with one of the best in the field...

Unlike many Mistresses, I engage in body worship aka "queening" (not sex). It has absolutely nothing to do with pleasing you, and everything to do with my pleasure, as it should be. Queening is an ancient art in which a woman presses and rubs her genitalia   and/or anus against the tongue, lips, and nose of her subordinate. She  classically positions herself in a sitting on or straddling over  another's face: facesitting. The first images of this can be seen in  ancient Egyptian drawings, but it is known to have been a historic part  of ancient Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Medieval European, Victorian and   other cultures. You will see that it is NOT defined as oral sex. It is defined as being whatever the QUEEN wants it to be.

Originally  a way for upper class women (Queens included) who wished to achieve sexual gratification without becoming pregnant. It was usually the job of male slaves and servants to submit to their mistresses desires, in  Japan there were even brothels where male slaves were specially trained  in the art of queening. So as you can see, although many Mistresses look  down on this practice, as a superior female, it is actually my rightful  place to sit on your face. I am just behaving as a true queen would...


The  play space is large with 5 themed rooms. It includes a full medical  room (The Laboratory), the new sissy room (The White Bedchamber), the  classroom for naughty boys (The Naughty Classroom) and the main play  space (The Red Sanctuary). The newest renovation is the new ABDL room  (The Rainbow Littles Nursery). Unlike most play spaces, you can shower  here and we are in an upscale suburban location. Photos are on the  Galleries page!


 If some words below baffle you (newbies), GOOGLE is an excellent tool. Use it instead of asking me repetitive questions.

Activities that I have taken high interest in:

Electrical Play

 Violet wands and Tens Units (with insertable plugs as well). I now also have vibrating sounds!


Tease & Denial (chastity/ key holding) / EDGING!! 

I  can’t express enough how much the control over your pleasure pleases me  to no end! I have integrated edging into every session of every kind  that I offer. Will never get enough…


Corporal punishment / Disciplinarian

From  a very young age, I have had a fixation with asses and spanking them.  Whips, crops, floggers, paddles, caning…I would say OTK  spanking/paddling is a favorite. I have wooden paddles of many sizes. I  have close to one hundred paddles, floggers, and whips. One of my  very favorite roles, every one of you deserves a bare bottom spanking,  boys are generally rotten to the core. I am here to teach you manners,  and show you lessons must be learned! 


Smothering / Queening

(See Above)


Medical Play (Includes Sounding)


Sissification/Cross dressing

 The  White Bed Chamber is just for you. Heels, wigs, makeup, lingerie,  pretty panties, and dresses all for you. I even have cross dressing  silicone breasts to give you true feminine form. Let’s bring out the  girlie sissy in you, and make the alpha disappear as I take over....

Bondage, Mummification & Abandonment

 I  love restraining my sissies and sluts, I love abandoning them even  more. Your control withers away with each restraint and knot tied.  Straight jacket anyone?


Body Worship 

Let’s just say when I get turned on by your enslavement, I sometimes take advantage…foot and ass worship are favorites….


CBT, Nipple Torture, Ball Busting

I enjoy these IMMENSELY!!!


Cuckold / Forced Bi 

Enough said… (we now have a wall of glory holes! )


Humiliation/Verbal Abuse

 Bring your tiny cock/oversized clit to my dungeon and be prepared to eat every drop of fluid that cums from it dirty slut.....


(Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Sissy Babies, Age Players, and Age Regression)

 Forced Masturbation
Tickle Torture
Domestic Training

Forced Waxing/Shaving
Puppy/Pony/Pet Training
Face Slapping/Spitting
Temperature Play
Sensory Deprivation
Giantess (macrophilia)
Golden Shower (extra 50 tribute due to prep and cleanup)




When  we first speak be prepared for light screening, with list of fetishes  and activities you have tried, as well as activities or fetishes that  interest you. With screening, you should have 5 to 10 minutes to  discuss. I have low tolerance for time wasters, do not call me unless  you have read my site and are ready to serve me. I highly recommend 2  hours the first time at the facility and this session is the most  popular. Longer sessions allow for the tease/denial you love with tons  of edging, plus I love using as many of my toys and devices I can,  respecting hard limits obviously.


My FAVORITE subs,  sluts and sissies see me regularly for their training. Regularly can  come in many forms, but I always give priority to subs interested in  ongoing training.  


Although  I sometimes have same day availability, it is rare, and I recommend  scheduling at least a few days in advance as a courtesy to your  Mistress.

 (Please read all pages on this website thoroughly before calling!)


All  tributes are for my presence and use of the play space. Any and all   activities participated in at the play space are between two or more   consenting adults and has not been compensated for in any way. 

The   play space is large with 5 themed rooms. It includes a full medical   room (The Laboratory), the sissy room (The White Bedchamber), the   classroom for naughty boys (The Classroom), the ABDL nursery (Rainbow  Littles Nursery) and the main play space (The Red Sanctuary). Unlike  most play spaces, you can shower here and we are in an upscale suburban  location.

INTIMATE Worship Fee - 50

(If you are interested in FULL queening, FULL face sitting, or FULL ass worship, add this to your session tribute...good behavior is still expected!)

1 Hour - 300

(Recommended For 1-2 Fetishes)


90 Minutes – 450 


2 Hours – 500 (Most Popular and Recommended)

2 Hours - 400 

(For subs I have seen in the last 30 days ONLY)


Hours over 2 are discounted - 200

2 Hours Cuckold / Forced Bi Session - 700 (Includes 2 Hour Minimum with an "arrangement" tribute, only available to subs I know)

Longer Sessions/ Overnights / Extensive Sissy Training - Please see below or my other websites..... 

 The Sissy And Maid Training House


8 Hour Overnight Abandonment – 800


Per Hour Abandonment – 150 (3 Hour Minimum unless an add on to a session) 


Shitty Ass Tax -50  (Read my blog about this or ask me about it when scheduling)


Drag Package - 850  We get dolled up for a girls night out, going out to food and  drinks at LGBT friendly hot spots as "ladies" for 3 hours then come back  to the  studio for 90 minutes of submissive "slut "playtime.

(5.5 Hours Total)



6 Month Advance Commitment:  500 Per Month / 3000 Total For 6 Months 

(This is paid upfront, it allows for 4 hours every month in 1 to 2 sessions. It brings the rate down to 125 per hour!)


Per Hour Social Time - 100


 4 Hours Sissy Training- $895


8 Hour Sissy Training- $1295 

(These can involve outings, aka sissy showcasing)


24 Hour Intensive Sissy Training- $1995 

(These can involve outings, aka sissy showcasing and playing with others)


48 Hour Intensive Sissy Training- $2995 

(These can involve outings, aka sissy showcasing and playing with others)


One week TRIAL In The Training House 7 days/6 Nights - $4995

 (Same As Above)






Phone Sessions- 

 Phone sessions are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum. ($25 for 10 minutes




 Texting Sessions-  

 Training  done via unlimited text sessions are $25.00 per 10 consecutive minutes.  Texting Sessions are done through my private number you will receive  once request has been received. 




These  Alternative Training Sessions Are Paid Through Amazon Gift Card, which  can be bought online and sent to my email address, through your Amazon  Account, which is discrete and does not show what you bought or where  you sent it, or you can go to a store that sells Amazon Gift Cards And  Type In The Claim Code On the Back Of The Card With Your Request Form. 

(Giant Eagle, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens To Name A Few)


**If  You Are Emailing The Tribute Through Your Amazon Account, Make Sure You  Have My Email Address Correctly Filled Out In the Form.**   

( columbusbdsmclub@yahoo.com )

** All training by phone or text must be used within 30 days of purchase **  


My   favorite gifts are listed on my etiquette page.....but Amazon e-gift  cards are always the best and most welcome of all gifts...simply click  the link and send the gift card to my email address or phone number  (columbusbdsmclub@yahoo.com  or 614-928-4449). 

Easy  to order online, comes up on credit card as a regular Amazon purchase  so no worries about discretion and every dime goes to your Mistress  unlike most other ways to tribute. There is also a note so you can leave  me a message when you  send it. 



ALL forms of bondage and/or BDSM in general exposes you to a a certain degree of harm/risk, it is your  personal responsibility to make sure you are aware of the risks and take  the precautions to deal with them. By contacting Mistress Katelyn Andrews you a agree to the following terms:

Voluntary Participation

       1. I am at least 30 years of age and am freely and voluntarily  choosing to attend and participate in activities that I know are adult  oriented and sexually explicit and that involve acts of domination, submission, bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, and other explicit and  extreme sexual fetishes and activities, including, but not limited to, spanking, paddling, whipping, waxing,  piercing, fire play, knife or edge or blood play, bondage, suspension,  and other acts of penetration. I understand that these activities  involve certain risks

Assumption of Risk



      3. I agree that neither I nor anyone through me or on my behalf will make any claim against or sue Mistress Katelyn Andrews    and I hereby release, waive and forever discharge her, her heirs,  executors and assigns, from any and all claims, demands, actions or  rights of action, of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in   equity, arising from, my participation in activities.


Indemnity and Hold Harmless
      4. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Mistress Katelyn and all those individuals and entities described in paragraph 3 above, from any loss, liability, injury, damages or costs.


Knowing and Voluntary Execution





Tributes are disclosed to you prior to your visit through this website.  Upon entering please have it ready before we start our session and  leave it on the table indicated. When we schedule our appointment, tell  me how long of a session you are  interested in.


Entering and Leaving The Play Space: 

Upon  arrival please quietly come in and reserve our greeting for inside the   facility. Please keep the good byes inside as well. The whole "Thank  you Mistress Katelyn!" is a bit more information than the neighbors  need.... 



I   have reserved this time for you. I will not reschedule with someone  who "no shows" or cancels last minute. It is very rare that I need to  reschedule anyone on my end, but I always deal with all situations in a  professional manner. 

I require 24 hour notice of appointment cancellations, it is common courtesy in any other profession. 



I   have chosen to be a low volume Mistress, I found through my  experiences I am at my best and enjoy my lifestyle the most with this  schedule. I take the full hour/hours and it can run over when you add in  cleanup afterwards. Please allot the time needed in your schedule to  savor all I have to offer. I take pride in offering time spent that will  make you beg to serve me again. DO NOT show up late....


Extra Tributes: 

Please  keep in mind sluts, a great Mistress that cares about her subs and her  reputation, spends hours before and after preparing for your time  together. Being a dungeon owner, there is also the extra time involved  in maintaining a 2100 SQFT space with 5 themed rooms for us to play in  and have your fantasies realized. 


Cash  tips are always great but putting the extra effort in picking up  something that you know I will like is a great way to start a  relationship with a new  Mistress. My list of favorites are below...


Amazon  e-gift cards are always the best and most welcome of all gifts...simply   click the link and send the gift card to my email address 


Easy  to order online, comes up on credit card as a regular Amazon purchase  so no worries about discretion and every dime goes to your Mistress  unlike most other ways to tribute. Plus there is a note so you can leave  me a message when you send it.  



In Person Gifts:

Bath and Body Works
(Moonlight Path)
Any unopened kinky toy!


Gifts cards from :

Amazon- Most preferred of all! (Did I write that big enough?! )
Bath and Body Works
North Face




I offer multiple ways to make initial contact for screening and scheduling.  

You  should NEVER contact a Mistress to ask questions that can easily be  answered by reading her website(s). And as a general rule, you really  should not contact her unless you have done your research on the  lifestyle and her and know that you want to proceed with  screening/scheduling. When you do not follow this etiquette, you are  taking away from others who have taken the correct steps to engage with  me. So please, keep this in mind. Below are the acceptable ways to  contact me for scheduling in order of MY preference.


1)  Fill out the "REQUEST TO SERVE" form and give me a window of time to  call you (during my regular phone hours of 10am to 6pm). There is a  space on the form for you to give me your preferred time window. Again,  this makes the  screening much more efficient. Yes, I will call...if  there is a timing  conflict I will email you back with a window when I  AM available. 


2)   For those who have concerns about sending a form, you may call me  during my regular phone hours of 10am to 6pm. This is my least preferred  way to reach me, because it takes bit longer and I am often unable to  answer due to my appointments. But I understand the need for  alternatives and if you leave an articulate message, I will call you  back. 

If  I begin to have issues AGAIN, with subs abusing my phone number for  shenanigans, I will go back to not listing my number, and the forms will  be the only way to reach me. Absolutely do not TEXT me unless we are  already familiar with one another. Thank you!


My "normal" hours are now 10am -10pm Monday - Sunday BUT....

​All appointments starting after 6pm must be at least 2 hours long. My  hours in the past were much earlier, but due to many requests by my  regulars to work later, this is my compromise. Generally my latest start  time is 8pm unless special arrangements have been made.




I  am now seeing subs on Sundays but, you have to book at least 2 hours,  and at least 48 hours in advance. Please do not expect me to respond on  Sundays to calls, texts, or emails, unless we have an appointment  that day. NO exceptions. Thank you!


My days currently: Monday - Sunday 10am to 10pm.  

(The exception would be appointments longer than 2 hours)

Unless otherwise agreed, my latest session start time is 8pm. 

(614) 928-4449

 ​I answer my phone between 10am and 6pm Monday - Saturday